...with old dusty rusty gears. may get dirty, muddy, sweaty even soaking wet or worse, bruises, bitten, stung all over!


Melaka was my hometown, grew up and studied there. Lately for the past few years, had not been going back often. So on 25/11/2016 we decided to make a trip down memory lane, an overnight trip after attending a relative funeral there. The things that I missed most in Melaka are the food of course […]

Siem Reap 2007

The first time I’ve ever  been out from my home country  was Christmas Island (a territory of Australia) back in 2003. Cambodia came second in 2007, to be exact 15/08/2007 to 18/08/2007. Of course I didn’t include Singapore which I first been there since a kid back in 1962 (I was 2 years old then). From 1962, on […]

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