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Melaka was my hometown, grew up and studied there. Lately for the past few years, had not been going back often. So on 25/11/2016 we decided to make a trip down memory lane, an overnight trip after attending a relative funeral there.

The things that I missed most in Melaka are the food of course and the Stadthuys areas where the Clock Tower is. Jonker Walk is another nice place though it is not as quiet as it was back in the 70s and 80s especially during the weekends. Nowadays Jonker Street is closed to traffic for certain hours in the evening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As usual we put a night in Mimosa Hotel Jalan Bunga Raya. Jalan Bunga Raya, a one way street where I used to frequent back then. This Mimosa Hotel also situated right in the centre of town where we could just walk to any places. Just a few shops away is the Madam King’s departmental store. It is just a simple departmental store or emporium, not as fancy and modern looking like other shopping centres, not crowded and at times quiet, but I never failed to pop in every time I was in Melaka.

super bikes (from Singapore) parked in front of our hotel.


Along Jalan Bunga Raya, there is a lane where we could find the old time famous fried oyster or in hokkien – ‘orr chien’, and next to the lane is a coffee shop where a wantan mee stall in front at the five-foot way. I still love the wantan mee here. Also the five-foot way in front of Madam King is a popiah stall. I am not sure whether it is the same one from the early 70s where the hawker was a fat guy but the taste is the same. There is another lane nearby Madam King, just before Kong Wah Optical where at night one could find ‘kerang rebus’, ‘sotong kangkong’, ‘tauhu bakar’, prawns etc. Better known as Bunga Raya siham, Melaka longkang siham, Bunga Raya kerang rebus or whatever, all referring to this same lane, a back alley along Jalan Bunga Raya. Eating here is an experience one will never forget. Imagine sitting on tiny wooden stools with long low tables just beside or adjacent to a drain, hence the name longkang siham. Try it, to us is an adventure! This back alley comes alive once it gets dark. Now they even have lala, prawns and siput.

the fried oyster (orr chien) packed back to our hotel room.


this is how the lane looks like – Melaka longkang siham


kerang rebus and prawns



Another of my favourites is the ‘hea peah’, and I can’t find the right words to explain in English. Hea Piah is like deep fried prawn fritters but in a different style. Just refer to the picture. An elderly man peddling on a 3 wheelers and will always stop in front of Mimosa Hotel around 10.30 am or 11.00am onwards. We also came across a coffee shop, Kedai Kopi Mei Sin or Mei Sin Café oppsite where the Rex cinema once was . We were actually going for breakfast when we bumped into this coffee shop. Here we had the chicken rice balls and laksa; not bad at all.

the hea piah uncle… always stopped in front of Mimosa Hotel Jalan Bunga Raya.

hea piah


Kedai Kopi Mei Sin

what we had for breakfast cum lunch at the coffee shop – chicken rice balls, nyonya laksa, hea piah with fish balls and other stuffs.


this is where the Rex cinema used to be… (just opposite of the Kedai Kopi Mei Sin).


Of cause, there are other delicacies too which we have not find out yet. I have been doing some research on other places that have good food. After all Melaka is all about history and eating!

our dinner at Jonker Street

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