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What actually is blogging or having a journal with one’s own domain name?

To me it is something like keeping a diary in the old days except that blogging is typing on one’s keyboard of a pc or laptop or ipad instead of writing as in a diary. You don’t need a place to keep your blog like a diary and no worries of others finding it and read what you have written. But diaries are something very personal or something secretive, something you wrote for yourself, for your records, events, happenings, something sentimental, some secrets about your life – something you keep for yourself unless you permit someone to read it. Correct me if I am wrong.

Blogging on second thoughts not very much like a diary though I said earlier is something similar. Guess I was wrong here. You see, a blog or journal is accessible to others for viewing. One can edit, delete or add from time to time. Can a blog/journal be set to ‘private’ where no one can access? I am not sure, may be somebody can highlight me here.

Furthermore, a blog/journal allow one to insert pictures, videos, links, advertisements etc. That’s why I am creating this blog/journal just to join the fun and learn something new. Haa, probably make some $$$ out of it like some other blogs I came across.

We are not from a generation where computers and internet, then smartphones, ipads, and whatever gadgets are a way of life and can’t live without. When I first started my first job back in 1980, in an establish financial institutions with international affiliations, we were still using typewriters, telex machines, calculators and casting machines. Sending greeting and festive cards by post was still a norm. Then after a few years or so, came some simple computers (not pc for everyone on the desk), sort of a sharing machine for everyone in the office with those square diskettes – no thumb drives or external hard disks yet.

Fast forward to 1996 where I first own an analogue handphone, a NEC BX model only able to make and receive calls, no sms even. Two years later in 1998 upgraded to a digital Nokia, then a Sony Ericsson in 2006 which could call out, receive calls, send sms and mms. Just recently in September 2012, I upgraded again, this time to a smartphones just to learn and catch up with technologies. I have never change another smartphone since then. My younger colleagues and contacts in their 20s and 30s seem to have a new smartphones every now and then, always looking out for the latest model or version. They are smart (those in the Gen Y) and do not need to read the manual or instructions but seem to be able to add this add that, configure this and that! As for me, sometimes I still do need help…

So back to this blog/journal we are having now, I am hoping we could catch up some new tricks, some new things, anything at all. Mind you, we even had problems registering our domain name, problems with adding photos, videos, setting like backgrounds picture, background colours, alignments etc. We still refer to those video tutorial from YouTube on how to set up a blog, add pages, menus and some other settings. I wish one day we can be a proud owner of a popular blog/journal, just like those already successful bloggers out there, especially freelance travel bloggers. It needs patient, research, know how and most importantly interesting topics to blog.

We need to take out my old digital camera carry it along with us everywhere to capture whatever that are interesting then blog it. I think it’s fun… Wish us luck!


Updated: January 16, 2015 — 12:45

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