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Those Haters Around Us.

I myself have nothing to shout about my achievements or accomplishments. Even together with my husband combined, we have not much of achievements in life as compare to others in the same age group and status as us. Now, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I and my husband are not grateful of what we have, what we owned, what we accomplished, in fact we are proud of the many little achievements and success we got. We thank God for what we have, for who we are and where we are at the moment, though to some even we ourselves at times think we should accomplished more. Come on, life is a journey, not a destination. Therefore we are still working on improving our life, continuing to pursue our passions and at the same time being happy and grateful. Happy and grateful on the many little achievements and accomplishments we have so far, and life continue… we are happy and thankful that we still have the opportunities (however little it may be), the strength and energy to sustain us in continuing to move forward.

There are haters everywhere. And by haters, I’m referring to people who get jealous of your success, do not want to see you rise, and who are intimidated by your greatness. The truth is, your greatness is a constant reminder of what they are not doing in their lives. You can either freeze or step on the brakes when you are amidst jealous people, or you can stand in your power and keep shining on. It can be uncomfortable, even scary at first to shine 100 percent despite what people are saying or thinking about you. You may feel and conscious whether others may think that you are sort of a proud being. Whatever others think or say about you, how they felt about you, you have absolutely no control over by the way. But what I discovered is this: you standing strong in all of your awesomeness will create a space for others to do the same in their lives.

Remember, it is not your job to make others like or love you. It is beyond your control. Not everyone will like you or be happy for you. In fact I took some times to absorb and understand this. As someone that just wants love and affection (and who doesn’t), I never quite understood at first why some people didn’t want to associate with me, or want to befriend me. And they include friends, colleagues even family members and relatives! But now I get it. I also know it’s not my job and business nor my soul purpose to get everyone to like or love me. It’s beyond my control. All I can do is BE the love, wherever I go and with whomever I meet.

Again, don’t misunderstood me, what I am saying is don’t brag about your success. There is a huge difference between acknowledging your accomplishments and being humble versus rattling off or boasting on a list of all your accomplishments every time someone asks you, “Hey how are you doing?” Be proud of the work and effort (as little as it might be) that you have put in. Be proud of honoring and cherishing your gifts to make a difference in the world. Always remember that you are still awesome in spite of it.

No matter who and what crosses your path, positive or negative, your only job is to keep it moving. We have a purpose here on earth. If you’re going to let those haters, evil eyes, jealousy, and all the baggage that comes along with them feeling inferior or insecure to put a halt on you, then you need to reconnect with why you are here, who you know yourself to be, and keep it moving. You are loved (at least I know God loves me). Always cherish the people who support, love, and honor you, these are more important and beneficial. And never forget just how amazing you are!

So…??? Be proud of who you are, what you have achieved, yet be humble and helpful. Let’s be a blessing to others. What others think of you especially the ‘negatives’ are none of your business. Do not let haters keep you from being your best.


Updated: January 15, 2015 — 19:56

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