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Travel Blogging/Writing… we are learning.

I think travelling is just as much about the journey itself as the destination. Of course the destination is the main focus and interest but do not forget the journey to a particular destination. The journey itself is as interesting too considering the experience and amount of time spending in transit on planes, buses, trains, tuk tuks or even for some horse and carts (which we have not really experience yet). All these started from the time you hopped into a cab or bus from home to the bus or train station, or airport, the queue at the check-in counter, checking in your luggage or backpack… All these are worth recording, remembered whether good or bad to help us in our planning for the next trip.

The problem is, we are new in this blogging stuff and not use to it so to say. We don’t even have the habit of keeping a diary let alone blogging using these days’ modern gadgets. Therefore finding time to write about the journey or destination can be difficult, especially we‘re having so much fun and/or facing some short comings during the travelling itself. Even after we get back home, it is still hard to find the time to write about our last trip, let alone blogging on the go like those seasoned travel bloggers did. Finding the time to blog is one thing, but to blog regularly is another thing. At the moment we don’t write/blog every other day. I think our last write-up or blog was some 2 months ago! So writing/blogging regularly is another thing that we need to get used to. All set? NO! There is another problem with the grammars, spellings, formats, this, that, blah blah blah… then follow by finding the words and ideas. We do have the intention to write something on a few of the places we travelled a few years back but just couldn’t find a way to start.

So how do we find the time to write or blog as you want to put it, and do it regularly too? How to start? First, I think writing/blogging shouldn’t be a chore or something like ‘must do’ stuff. It will be a ‘turn-off’. From now on I think we will just consider that we want (not need) to document our trip, a short simple summary for our own record, doesn’t matter if in point form. Later, when we are more use to this blogging stuff then hopefully we could write more in details.

Actually the purpose of us having this blogging site is to have a mean to keep in touch with family and friends while we are away, and to inspire others to do the same though we are not at that level yet. I have read quite a few travel blogs by those seasoned travel bloggers and all said the same – an online diary/blog is an easy way to tell everyone about your trip. Some could even turn into a ‘money-spinner’!

Before I missed this out, I read somewhere that one of the tips to write/blog during travel or on-the-go is to use our transit time wisely. That is to use long journeys to your advantage. Transit time is when we could do all the writing and photo organizing. Writing is no problem then but photo organizing? I have experienced having very slow photo download while using the free airport Wi-Fi. Then I thought probably it was talking about using own data plan, but it will be very expensive. It also suggested that a couple of hours bus or train journey can be used to write/blog, but how? Do buses and trains have Wi-Fi? I definitely will not use my own data plan when out of my home country because it is very expensive. Probably it means writing or jotting down, then when arriving to a place with free Wi-Fi, then we blog it, correct me if I am wrong. Anyway I will do more research on this on how they blog during their journey itself or ‘on-the-go’.

We will try to make our blog here an online diary that allows us to keep our family, friends and others up-to-date on our whereabouts while we travel. Just a click, our family and friends can just look at our blog whenever they like to catch up on us. Other than that, I think it also allow us to meet and interact with other fellow travelers as well like posting up-to-date information, offering and receiving travel tips.

It is also for us to have a summary of how we felt in our every trip because those feelings may fade, so by writing it down will continue to relive those memories. As for now, we will just write for ourselves but hope to inspire others at a later stage as we improve.

Do bear with us at the moment if you happened to pop into our site here, our blog have nothing to show or shout about. I think no one knows about it yet, no comments, nothing. But we welcome you, and do come back later to see how we progress, and if you happen to be one of those seasoned bloggers, we appreciate your feedbacks and comments.   …/tham/ann.

Updated: January 16, 2015 — 12:57

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