...with old dusty rusty gears. may get dirty, muddy, sweaty even soaking wet or worse, bruises, bitten, stung all over!



We are Nicholas and Ann Tham – getting bored in our 9 to 5 routine sort of life style (know what we mean???) and getting tired of sitting at our desk staring at those pictures and wallpapers of beautiful tropical beaches, mountains, floating markets, exotic places just wishing we could be there – TRAVEL! So we thought of escaping from our daily 7X7 or 8X8 or 10X10 cubicle to pursuit our passions. P1030625 A passion of being a serial traveller , outdoor adventurers, sports we dreamed of doing as long as our body can take it, and enjoying sunrise, sunset, sand and sea. Later, maybe we could share the world through our stories and experiences. Anyway still a long way to achieve that, we are just starting and warming up the ‘engine’.


We have seen people having fun, freedom, adventures, connections and discoveries, making their lives richer and more meaningful, and we love to copy that. We wanted a life of adventure!

Life is short and we think the perfect time to live our dreams is NOW, not later or after retirement where our body especially the knees have no more strength for a sunrise hike or a day out exploring some interesting places or a late night out having fun with people we meet. Yes, we need to plan, research, record etc to see how far we’ve been doing, learn from past mistakes and errors – hence, this Blog.

Our motto – “GET OUT THERE, see the World coast to coast and create MEMORIES…”


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