...with old dusty rusty gears. may get dirty, muddy, sweaty even soaking wet or worse, bruises, bitten, stung all over!

Lolo, warming up…

 Its hard to be a regular blogger… I can’t even remember when the last time I came in! Probably last month, no… 2 months ago??? Doesn’t matter… Sometimes ago (probably Oct 25th 2014, can’t remember the date, will check out and stuff in here later), it was a Saturday. I and Ann together with some […]

Broga Hill

15012015 1440 I recalled… I can’t remember the exact date but it was somewhere early December 2012. I have heard about this hill being a good training ground for those beginners who wanted to take up hiking or just to have a good work-out without being stress out or exhausted. So I get my old hiking […]

XPDC Gunung Tahan 1991

The Team – Me (Ann), Tham (Sting), William (SAS), Remy (Hunter), Suney, Salina, Robert Tee, Cheng Yuen, Chee Woo, Alvin, Siew Peng (KSP), Kim Seng (KS), Yong, Lai, Sabri (Bob), Saw Hoon, and Stanley. TEAM 17. 08/06/1991 1843 We left Imbiplex (me, Tham, William, Suney who stayed in Imbi that time) to KTM KL by […]


What actually is blogging or having a journal with one’s own domain name? To me it is something like keeping a diary in the old days except that blogging is typing on one’s keyboard of a pc or laptop or ipad instead of writing as in a diary. You don’t need a place to keep […]

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